Albury Wodonga SlotCar Club

Welcome to the Albury Wodonga SlotCar Club

For well over twelve months now, a group of keen and likeminded slot car racers have been meeting each Thursday night at a routed, commercial, twenty two meter, 8 lane, slotcar track run by Revhead Slotcars in Albury. While not everyone attended every Thursday there has been consistent interest over the last year to warrant creating our own slotcar club.

On 24th October 2013 it was agreed to form the club, to attract additional members, seek sponsorship for events and trophies and as membership increases expand the slotcar class groups that we race. We currently run two classes; Out-of-the-box and a Modified class. Most racers run cars in both classes. We run eight 3 minute heats in each class progressively changing lanes for each heat with the automatic lap and timing system tracking heat times and at the end of the heats posting points and positions for each racer.
Out of the box
This class is for cars that have not been modified in any way and as the name suggest are raced as they came out of the manufactures box. This is a great starting class for new racers as it allows them to race a competitive car, focus on developing racing skills like hand-eye coordination and learning the breaking and acceleration points around the circuit. Lap times for the 22m track are around the 3 to 5 seconds a lap. You can purchase a car in this class for as little as $50.
Modified Class
This class is for cars that have been modified; typical modifications are chassis, tyres, pinion gears, motors, magnets and weights. For those of you who love to tinker and get the absolute best out of your slotcar then this is a class for you. Typical laptimes on the 22m track are around the 3 second mark. The initial cost for the cars is still around the $50 to $80 mark with lots of small purchases that can be made as you modify, tune and develop your car over time.
Future classes
As our membership grows, so will the number and types of classes increase. As in other Slotcar Clubs, the types of classes are driven by the interest of the members.
Inter club racing
It is in the clubs intention to participate in reciprocal inter-club race meetings, with our closest club being in Canberra and others located in Melbourne and Sydney.
If you are interested in joining we have an online application form that you can complete or if want more information you can email us or just call in to one of our Thursday night races. Racing starts at 7:30pm with most members arriving from 6:30pm onwards to get some practice time or last minute modifications on your car and trialling on the track.

We start with the Out of the box heats at 7:30pm and they finish about 8:15pm followed by the Modified heats finishing at approximately 9:00pm when we provide a slice of pizza and a can of soft drink and some good conversation.

The track is located at Revhead Slotcars, 486 Dean Street, Albury, on the first floor just above Jay Jays. A map and parking options are on our contact page.

Dean street is the main shopping street in Albury and within 200m from the track are many options for grabbing a quick bite to eat before or after the race with café, pub and restaurant dining options still open and serving after 9:00pm.

Albury Wodonga SlotCar Club